What is your perfect vision of health in 2022?

What does it take to achieve optimal health for ourselves and our community?

Join us for the 4th annual Community of Wellness Event in Rochester, MN, May 6 – 7. This lifestyle-driven event will illustrate the interconnection between individual wellness and community resilience. Learn the latest trends from world-renowned experts. Discover how they are transforming people’s lives with a lifestyle medicine approach to wellness.

Mental health, obesity, and diabetes are among the leading health priorities in Olmsted County according to the 2019 Olmsted County Community Health Needs Assessment. 80% of these chronic conditions are lifestyle related. This three-day event, themed “Lifestyle Medicine: The Compass to Your Well-Being, focuses on education, prevention, and improving the health of our community, one person at a time through self-care.


Many thanks for pulling this together. The information was timely and very useful. We plan on encouraging our local community to adopt at least some of the things we learned about during the seminar.

2019 Community of Wellness participant

Lifestyle has a much greater impact on well-being than most in the medical community choose to admit and the presentations brought to light the need for a ‘lifestyle medical approach’ to the growing problems in our lives.

2019 Community of Wellness participant

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