PRESS RELEASE: Wearing Masks, Saving Lives

The Lotus Health Foundation is pleased to announce the development of a comprehensive community service campaign, “Wearing Masks, Saving Lives: Make Our Own Masks, Protect US, Protect Others ,” to offer protection to the Greater Rochester community by sourcing and providing handmade cloth face masks, finished masks, and mask-making supplies to individuals and organizations. 

We are challenging Southern Minnesotans to craft, donate, or purchase 10,000 masks for distribution to at-risk individuals in need. The Lotus Health Foundation, celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2020, has partnered with area businesses, volunteer groups, congregate care facilities, and nonprofits to support the mission of promoting good health and making well-being a priority. The Foundation’s mission emphasizes the Petals of Health , also known as the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine: Nutrition, Movement, Passion, Social Connections, Stress Management, and Sleep.

For more information about the project, visit our dedicated project site . Individuals, groups, employers, and organizations can learn about best practices for cloth face mask construction, how to properly fit and wear a face mask, sign up to volunteer for mask distribution, purchase a commercially produced face mask with a filter pocket for employees or volunteers, and learn about health and well-being services offered. 

Proceeds from the project will support other pandemic initiatives.

Questions?Call (507) 218-3095 or email

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